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Christmas Tree - Nordmann Fir

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The Nordmann Fir is our most popular Christmas tree. It is known for its beautiful, luscious, soft foliage and even shape. It is a dark green colour and is often referred to as a ‘non-drop’ tree due to its excellent ability to hold its needles.

It is available in sizes from 5ft to 9ft.

Christmas tree stands must be purchased separately. 

In order to keep your tree looking tip-top, try using one of our water-holding Christmas tree stands. By keeping it watered and away from heat, your Normann Fir will last you well and truly through the festive season!

Please note that real Christmas trees do not tolerate heat very well. If placed in a very warm area, they will possibly lose some needles. 

On-site purchase, Click & Collect and/or Delivery available.